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In the board (and card) game domain, 4X is less of a distinct genre, in part because of the practical constraints of components and playing time.

The Civilization board game that gave rise to Sid Meier's Civilization computer game, for instance, has no exploration and no extermination.

Unless extermination is targeted at non-player entities, it tends to be either nearly impossible (because of play balance mechanisms, since player elimination is usually considered an undesirable feature) or certainly unachievable (because victory conditions are triggered before extermination can be completed) in board games.

4X computer games such as Master of Orion II let empires explore the map, expanding by founding new colonies and exploiting their resources.

The game can be won either by becoming an elected leader of the galaxy or by exterminating all opponents.

The term "4X" originates from a 1993 preview of Master of Orion in Computer Gaming World by Alan Emrich, in which he rated the game "XXXX" as a pun on the XXX rating for pornography.

In the new millennium, several 4X releases have become critically and commercially successful.

Could be just me, but I found that playing the 3D mode easy compared to the hentai mode.

Overall the hentai drawings were nice and the 3D models got better the further you went along. Other than that, this game really needs a gallery mode after you get through the games because otherwise you just see them once. only thing lacking in this game was there is no gallery feature Incredible game even if it was never finished.

Galactic Civilizations has the diplomatic victory, which involves having at alliances with at least 4 factions and no other faction be out of your alliance, there are two ways to accomplish this, ally with all factions, or ally with the minimum number of factions then destroy the rest.

4X games are known for their complex gameplay This is in contrast to most real-time strategy games.