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A decade after the debut of Flavor of Love, a Bachelor-mocking competition that spun off of The Surreal Life spin-off Strange Love, VH1 is bringing the show back for a marathon.

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Don’t worry; it’s easy to have your chart calculated online these days.You can tell a lot just by looking at the “big 3” most important points in the chart: Number one is the Sun The Sun describes your essence, your character, what motivates you.Those born under the Mak sign are ones that tend to confuse people around them. Well, it’s because they aren’t as well defined as the other signs in the calendar.

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Well, if you are born from February 11 March, you could act very much like this.The sign on the Ascendant describes you on the job interview, and the Sun sign describes you on the job. It tells astrologers who you are without revealing too much!If you need help with the symbols, here’s a handy reference. You’ve probably heard someone described as a “double Pisces” or a “double Leo.” This generally means that two of the “big 3” are the same sign.It’s hard for you to be surrounded by confrontation and you do your very best to avoid this.Instead, you want peace and tranquillity around you, so you’re very good at reasoning with difficult people that others just can’t agree with.With the Mayan calendar, it consisted of 18 months of 20 days, instead of our usual 12 of 28-31 days. With 20 days for each 18 months, that must alter a lot, right? The sign which hits the start of January is Ch’en, which you will notice is the first symbol on the third row.