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The Cam Model's Secret Prologue: A bad couple months Have you ever had a bad day? A tip chime caught my attention and made me laugh more BIG_BLACK55 TIPPED 1000 TOKENS: Doesn't need to buzz to fuck you baby! " I said giving the camera a wink as I teased myself with the toy. Maybe she got some kind of finder's fee for getting me to sign up! I didn't mind it really, it just took me by surprise how huggy he suddenly got! I quickly typed up "hi" and explained that I wouldn't be able to talk or be on long due to my son being in the other room. He sat there, watching his mom fall to her side, trying to catch her breath. He quickly got dressed in his night clothes and rushed to the bathroom to clean up. If I wasn't spending my time being on the site or being a normal mom to my son I was with Jessica! Thinking back to when I was younger and found my brother's porn stash under his mattress I pulled up Danny's to find his home made magazines! At first I wondered why till I picked one up and found that the whole things about pages being stuck together to be true!

Saying this on camera gets a lot of the fans wanting to volunteer to be the co-star. I couldn't tell you how long I laid there fucking myself but I can tell you this... I felt my body arch as I was getting closer to orgasm! I cry out for more as more and more men enter my room, ready to gang fuck me! I'm pulling her black hair as I cum on her face and tongue FLASH! I am being fucking into becoming a cock craving slut! Jessica's room, we hold each other, softly kissing as we say how much we love each other. The screen was covered in tips but all I could do was blow my viewers a kiss with my pussy juice covered fingers and turn off my cam. Even those all he could hear was the music coming from his mom's speakers he could faintly hear what may have been the squeaks of her bed springs. Again it was his mom's room and again it looked dark and dirty. " she growled as she pulled the panties off his cock and placed a tight cock ring on his member. I could feel her slap my ass as she moved her hand down, slowly fingering my pussy from behind. His voice yanked me back to reality, back to seeing my eggs burnt to a black mess and smoke bellowing everywhere. " I screamed, quickly moving the pan from the burners to the sink and opening a window. After letting the smoke clear I took out another pan and tried the whole cooking eggs thing again. "Oh I will be fucking myself on cam in front of a bunch of strangers, and then going out with a younger woman to have gay sex with her! Soon the large tips came in, now they wanted me out of the clothes. He thought better of it because he knew it would be his luck he would have the head phones on and be so into his mom's show that he would miss the late bell and get busted by a teacher. So he had to settle for silent shows as he tried to quickly jerk off. It got to the point just seeing her face, her sweet smile made the boy hard! I put the magazines in my nightstand and turned on my laptop. That first night in that nasty apartment made Danny feel like his life was in total danger the whole time.Most of the office were young kids, well, young adults. Yeah there were times she invited me out on Friday nights with her and some other girls from work but I always declined. The men paid for even tiny little pecks on the cheek and what not! Sometimes Danny listens to his music so loud that I could be torn apart by a bear in my room and he wouldn't be able to hear me. " I didn't have to say anything as the big tips poured in. "Well, that would have to wait for some other time! " I asked, trying to sound as innocent and maybe as motherly as possible. There was a tiny part of me that said I shouldn't go. As I let the warm water wash over me my mind wondered to Danny. You are smart, funny, and after couple nights ago a great fuck! To tell the truth I am glad your asshole husband left you! He use to make sure to spray some kind of air freshener or something to mask the smell from the cum rags but not anymore. For a moment seeing her face as she got a whiff of the old load. It was a hot fantasy but there would be no way it would happen... = = = There was something I started to do with my shows. Around us was the faceless men who use to be the main stars of my day dreams now just sat around and watched me. Terry's older sister, Tessa, shook her head and laughed. I told him that I would be waiting for him and that there were other people here and he would have to talk with one of them. "So, in case you're soon to be ex-husband calls the police about Danny he knows what to say to them and where he would be going." Olivia said as she looked at her watch. I would suspect he hadn't realized his son had run off. If this was a porn movie or if I wanted to be cute I could have said something like "Room for one more? I moaned as he started to pump his fingers in and out of me as my hand moved down and started to stroke him. I might best if you slept in your room." "Yeah, I know." He sighed.I figured they just wanted to get their stuff out there because really who want to spend so much time at this place. Jessica just shook her head and laughed, sipping her beer. I always used Danny as an excuse but really I felt like maybe I would have been too old for the crowd she was with. I kept going, watching one woman drip hot wax on herself. I turned around, shaking my ass as I peeled my panties off. Of course they loved that idea as again the room was flooded with tips. = = = Danny sat in his room, his word program up on the screen and his headphones on. He had no report due the thing on the screen was something he did for school last year. He wore them in case his mom peeked in on him before going into her room. I know you said you like me but..." for some reason I started to feel upset. She would either smile or act like she didn't notice. A bunch of things that Jessica put on my wish list were costumes. They tossed money at us as they cheered and encouraged my son to fuck me! " "YEAH, SHOW HER THE ONLY THING SHE IS GOOD FOR IS BEING A FUCKING COCK SLEAVE! I think you need to plan your time better to not be late for class! Even though I wasn't wearing anything sexy I could feel his eyes on me, undressing me, fucking me with every step I took. Trisha was maybe fifteen years old and was very good looking. Danny scanned the room and noticed there was a video camera on a tripod and it was aimed at the couch. I could feel him move, wanting to fuck me right now. He looked upset for the moment till I stepped out of the shower. All he could do is nod as I grabbed my towel and quickly dried off. His cock throbbing for me as he climbed on top of me. "There is something things you need to do for me..." I started to say. I held him tightly, feeling his cock growing hard again. "You don't have to go right now..." I whispered, opening my legs to let him in me again.My thought was looking at that man's expensive suit and how it looked like the "tough times" weren't too tough on him! The room loaded to a beautiful Middle Eastern girl, nude on her bed as she worked a dildo in her pussy and ass. I moaned, my mind already creating the hot fuck action happing across the sea! Clicking on her room I saw she looked a little tired, as if she had been doing this all night or something! It then tried to replace Danny with one of his friends but that didn't work either. My legs over his shoulder to let him go as deep as he could. It wasn't the hot dreams from the night before but soon I found myself cumming. I walked back to my computer and opened a new tab to check my email. She stood up like she was going to strip but people in the room wanted to see her outfit. In my "soccer mom" stuff I would play maybe a friendly mom who wants to rewards her son's friend or something. I figured I could at least get myself off real quick before I should turn my laptop off so the storm didn't fry my machine. As I kept pumping the plastic cock I watched as the tips rack up quickly. I know there are those toys that have a little pump where you can shoot some home made goo. He wanted to stop jerking off but his hips and hand kept moving on their own. I mean there was no way he got that from his father. At that moment I felt my mouth water looking at it. As he came he felt the warm liquid fall on his hand. " = = = Once again Danny was in the bathroom and on his phone. " I asked, leaning forward some letting him look down my open blouse. I made sure to look right into the camera, as if some how if I looked hard enough I could see into Danny's room. I hardly looked at the chat room as I blew them a kiss with my wet fingers, the one who it was truly meant for watching only feet away in his room! I already came hard but seeing him just now I was ready for another round! " I said as I rushed out to the living room to see him off. " = = = It was about a thirty minuet drive to his father's apartment. " Greg said as he sat on the couch and started to dial up his smart phone. He didn't want to have something to help his dad out in case he got a hold of his phone or something. There was a part of him that wished maybe she would have sent him a nude pic. She had me wear my nice blouse and skirt like I was going to my old job. I wish I could tell you we had hot sex or something naughty but no, she just held and caressed me as I fell asleep. "Seems like this lawyer of his is the type to skillfully rip people off? After trying like ten times to get the key to work in the shitty locks he was finally inside. There was some talk for a little while when something caught Danny's ear. She was cute and a little bit developed in the chest area but personality wise she was a total cunt! He quickly and quietly packed up his things and tried for the window. As she watched the boy jog away she shook her head. "Oh shit, sorry T, yeah come in young blood come in! Terry led Danny to the couch as Danny tried to catch his breath. His eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his skull. It sounded like an older woman's voice, maybe the same age as Danny's mom. We were moaning and grunting as I felt him slapping against me again and again. My pussy tightened around his cock as I was close to cumming. After calling their captain and the numbers listed on the note it was explained to Danny that until the matter was settled in the courts he would have to stay with his Uncle Dave. " We lay there, making plans for the very pornographic future ahead of us!After a bunch of us cleaned out our desk, picked up our severance packages and had some tearful good byes I was about to go home. She moaned, licking her lips as she fucked her holes. The camera suddenly turned and there were about six Middle Eastern men, a couple rather good looking at that! They smiled, waved to the camera before it spun back to the girl on the bed. She was nude and covered in sweat as she looked like she may have just gotten her self off. She blew a kiss to the camera and suddenly logged off. It wasn't that they were ugly or anything it's just... I had to quickly grab my pillow to cover my mouth as I screamed into it! I smiled, blowing a kiss with my wet fingers before logging off the site. As I did that I once again kicked myself in the ass. After a couple little poses they were asking if she slept in the nude. It was surprising at first how fast the viewers were able to get into some kind of role. I closed the door and let the robe fall off me as I got back onto the bed. " I ask, still licking and sucking on that plastic cock. " I smiled as I put the "cock" between my breasts and rubbed it up and down as I licked my lips. As I tit fucked myself I thought about maybe adding one of those to my wish list when suddenly everything went black. " I whispered, putting the toy down and fumbling around in the dark to look for the flashlight. It was feeling way to good to stop it didn't matter his mom was standing there with her mouth open and her eyes now fixed to his cock. = = = I tried to say something, anything but my eyes seemed glued to that cock! He pumped a couple more times, coating his cock with his seed. But as soon as the darkness came the first thing that popped up in my head was that dick! Slowly I saw myself wrapping my lips around it, tasting every inch! I would have fingered myself to a screaming orgasm if I didn't hear Danny come walking towards the living room. Through out the day he kept trying to see if his mom was doing a show. He did peek on her to see if his mom was with her but all she seemed to be doing was doing house chores in the nude. " = = = My time with Jessica I had to hold back saying anything about what happened to me a couple days ago. He didn't hide his eyes as he looked down my shirt. I could see him using both hands to stroke that long, thick cock. I closed the chatroom for the night and quietly opened my bedroom door. This time I went to the shower to clean off and well, get myself off before going to bed. His eyes and mouth both shot open as he saw what I was wearing. It would have been a shorter drive but his car not only stalled three times but at one point they pulled over because it smelled like something may have been on fire. He heard his dad huff before handing his son a sleeping bag and a tiny pillow that may have been taken from an airplane. Danny grumbled, closing the door behind him as he lay on his bed. Before leaving the bathroom his mom texted back: I miss you! Maybe a close up of those yummy tits, that great ass, or maybe that hot pussy! The next morning after I took a shower Jessica laid out my nicest work clothes. I figured you should look nice when they show up." She said to me as she kissed my lips. He went to the fridge to find it still mostly empty of food. It was a loud laugh that he thought he heard before somewhere. After a moment or two he cracked the door opened a little as he looked out the door into the living room. Danny knew that there were guys in school who tried to hook up with her but she would shoot them down and treated them like total shit. The window opened with a tiny bit of noise but thankfully the loud sex session in the living room masked the sounds of Danny's escape. " she said, slapping the boy's butt before he walked out. "If I was twenty years younger I would be fucking that lil white boy silly! Terry came walking out from another room and saw Danny. The older man went to the kitchen and got the teen a glass of water. He knew she had a great body but seeing so much of the fifteen year old now was a shock. She never told anyone really she kind of had a little crush on the boy and well, seeing him now made her both a little embarrassed and a little turned on. Danny knew this would happen since his mom's lawyer explained it to him the night before. = = = Chapter 10: Time goes on So much has happened since that time! After my weeks long hiatus my views came back in droves!The more I do these shows the more turned on I get. The money they offer seems good but I don't think I would ever go that far. They want me to take a hot load on my face or chest. Those naughty sounds my pussy was making and my breathing filled the room as the men tossed money onto my naked body drove me on. The site is very good about not letting stalker assholes find out things about you! I guess years of hearing the stories about crazy internet stalkers where starting to chew on my brain some. As I loaded the page my eyes once again almost popped out of my skull. She moaned, pushing her fingers though my short blonde hair as she told me how good of a pussy eater I was! He heard the music kick on so he made sure to turn his sound off incase something happened. He knew something was up in how she seemed to squirm around when they were watching TV. But that first time he hugged her he smelled something a bit faint about her. She typed up a quick message about not talking because her son was home! He wondered what she would have done if she knew her 13 year old son who was only a couple steps away was watching her! If he could he would print them up for his own little spank book when she wasn't online! She went to work pumping that toy in and out of her sweet pussy. As he watched her pump the toy in and out he looked down at his own cock. She is lying on her side as he enters her from behind. My mind filling with so many dirty thoughts about her. The table we were at wasn't in a busy section so really no one would hear what she would say but she leaned in as if she was going to tell me some great big secret. I was in love with the most amazing woman who made me feel so special and alive! He wouldn't be home to snap juicy screen shots for the homemade mags! But that voice was getting quieter and quieter till it was gone!