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Dhcp3 not updating bind9

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This setting allows slave servers to operate from any address within that subnet, but specific addresses for slave servers could be used, instead.

## named.custom # These are extra configuration options in a separate file, one # that'll be left alone by other programs that might modify the # "named.conf" file: # Set the server to only listen on when it queries other servers (in this case, a “wildcard” meaning any interface on this machine, and using port 53). The definition of an Access Control List () named “lan”, referring to the local loopback address ( and the private address range of–

And several different bits of information about expiry times for this data: Refresh the records every 8 hours (check for updates from the master server).

If the master server isn't responding wait for two 2 hours before trying to refresh the records again (retry).

So I've given up trying to resolve that issue with the tool a pain, anyway; it was too inflexible with how you entered data, and quite confusing as to how you were supposed to use it (poor documentation, as usual, didn't help). This time I tried to do something else, something that did work on Red Hat 9.0: Setting up a slave zone, and getting it to populate its records from some other master server (this was just an experiment just to see how it worked, for curiosity's sake).

It can be advantageous, in many ways, to register your own domain name, even if you don't intend to run a public service, and it's not that expensive.

Once a domain name is registered, and while you keep it registered, it's yours to do with what you like.

Since then, everything's been updated to Fedora Core 4 Linux, and things are working fine following the directions outlined on this page.

There's, now, a working tool that allows you to set name server records, albeit a complex thing to use.