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Go to the Word of God and allow God to challenge you with the importance of reading his Word and praying to him.This may be the most difficult scenario: We do not do family devotions because our spouse will not participate.

Know in your own mind that this is a valuable habit and that God calls you, as the parent, to lead your family in this way.

The danger of this misconception is that it can produce chronic disappointment and discouragement.

Cynicism sets in and we give up or whip through them to alleviate guilt because devotions don’t seem to work for us.

In either case, remember that the local church is your ally here, both through other members who may be able to offer counsel and through pastors or elders. Pride rears its ugly head and it seems easier to just succumb to the failure than to rise to the challenge.

We get proud and allow pride to withhold a blessing from our family.