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And there we had a lovely session, even if it was uncomfortable with some nettles that grew nearby.

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Some casino operators have pushed harder than others.“If we don’t get this, I will be one that will not be back if we can’t get to a safe location,” Bernie Burkholder, president of Treasure Bay Casino in Biloxi, told the Biloxi Sun-Herald.So as public officials, residents and gaming operators mulled what to do with Biloxi in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, which hit the coastal community on Aug.29, 2005, the big question was not whether, but where to rebuild the huge casinos that have made the region the country’s third-largest casino market.And with the risks to the city’s economic engine in clear view along the battered beachfront, the debate over allowing onshore gambling quickly made its way to the state’s capital.

The coastal infrastructure has to be ready to handle an influx of tourists, said Larry Gregory, executive director of the state gaming commission, the Pensacola News Journal reported.

Allan Soloman, executive vice president of Isle of Capri Casinos Inc., whose flagship casino is in Biloxi, said casinos would have probably sustained the hurricane if they had been on land and he expected state lawmakers to work with casino operators to come up with a regulatory plan that made “economic sense,” according to Reuters.

Some casino operators say moving the casinos onshore would not only make them less susceptible to storms, it would speed the rebuilding process because investors and insurers would be more likely to lend their support.

Maybe it’s wanting to give them a chance (or two or three) or the simple thrill of being with someone who keeps us on our toes.

As women trying to navigate our way through the world of dating, we’re all guilty of investing our time in guys who were inevitably wasting it – but why?