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On one side the people use the talk online platform of online chatting to spice up their life whereas on the very other side they do it just to take a break and seek the attention, love and care that they have always been searching for. This is done by the people, or so to speak the loners who find themselves clustered in a big vacuum of loneliness and solidarity.

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As well as his twins with her, the hitmaker also shares Cristian, 16, and Ryan, 13, with first wife Dayanara Torres and daughter Ariana, 22, with ex-girlfriend Debbie Rosado.Meanwhile, the crooner is gearing up for his Full Circle Tour, which kicks off on August 25 in Bridgeport, Connecticut and wraps in Chicago on Deember 3.Givenchy is the same French luxury lifestyle brand that featured his nude appearance in the French edition of Vogue. I say "we" because my friends came with me, just to hang out. Actually, since I've been back here, I found out that I love all of them. Even my friends they've been just digging the food like crazy. A: Obviously I can't eat that way all the time, I do it on my cheat days, which is one day out of a week. Now dubbed a "supermodel," Roldan said his success in the fashion industry was a "blessing" he never thought would easily fall into his lap. In his on-on-one interview with Fullido, Roldan talks about dealing with rejection as part of the modeling industry, his Filipino roots, and his biggest dream as a kid (it wasn't modeling). We've met so many good people taking us around the city. I'm surprised by how much they like taking in the culture, because I was worried they were going to have some trouble adjusting to it, but they've been just loving. But for the most part, I cook my own food, and I eat a lot of vegetables, I eat a lot of just like straight-up protein -- chicken breasts, stake. I have to make it taste nice as well, so I do sometimes use like coconut oil. I love cooking, so I find ways to make it tasty for me and be healthy at the same time. Q: What advice can you give to Filipino models who want to become successful internationally? You have to just take it for what it is, and move on. I'm just happy that people like what we've done for Bench. Q: How do you feel about girls swooning over photos of you?

Lately, I was lucky enough to audition for some very important productions, with very famous filmmakers.'As recently as March, Marc was dating model Mariana Downing, 21, whom he began romancing after his divorce from 29-year-old model Shannon de Lima, his wife of just two years, was finalized in late 2016. Lo from 2004 until 2014 and the couple are still very close.

The two appeared to have a breezy rapport, even holding hands as they exited the event.

Both are moving on, however -- coincidentally both with 24-year-olds.

All images are copyright to their original owners and no infringement is intended. If you are unhappy with the posting of any photos, contact the site for prompt removal. So last year we didn't cover American Idol on our site but since we have more time this year, we'll update you on Jennifer's performance as a judge with -you guessed it- pictures and screen captures. That's awesome & it's also thanx to you, especially those of you who clicked on the ads on the site from time to time since this is the only thing that helps us pay for the site and its hosting. Jennifer Lopez has characterized her relationship with ex Marc Anthony as "very Sonny and Cher after the divorce." People reports that Lopez makes this comment in the premiere episode of the Latin talent show, "�¡Q�€™Viva!

The first episode is available in screen captures only (obviously! The Chosen," which she and her former husband both produced and hosted.