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However, it’s worth noting that ladies and gentlemen differ in what puts them off.

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When it comes to relationship, it can play a pivotal role.

A noted relationship expert once quipped, “If you choose someone with traits that drive you crazy or make you sad while you’re dating, then those traits will make you crazy or sad for decades to come.No, I am not a relationship guru neither have perfect relationships.But then if someone, somewhere can get sense out of it, I did be glad to share few simple revelations: Any relationship depends upon two people. If you are the one who is toiling harder and sweating it out more than your mate, possibility is it will never work out and you will always be running around the circle in this vicious cycle unless you want to chalk out your own line and break the circle and venture into the thinness of unknown. It helps when you are a tad bit madder then you should be. When you have been taken for granted that’s how it feels like! Every time and almost most of the time it’s been like this.How we pick ourself up when we fall is the true test of our character.