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Those 5 000 odd fans of yours are part of the problem because their endorsement of your hideous attempt at humour is a sign that there is a fundamental hatred for African women – by African men – and that raping African women is fair game.
Continue reading It took a few days, but our new house is starting to feel like home.

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In fact any hint of mental un-wellness was hidden and not talked about. These tips changed my life – simple, effective, supportive tips .Feelings of guilt and shame that you could not cope can make you isolate, stop interacting and enable the ‘fear factor’ to run riot. transparency does not take away, it adds another dimension. I am sharing because of what I have learned, I remember how frustrated and fearful I was when I could not cope after the death of my husband. I remember when I started taking action how I berated myself because I was ‘not getting better’ quicker. I am pleased that I have taken the actions necessary for emotional well being and happiness.Paw-paw is one of my favourite fruits and they were displayed stacked on plates.There was one largish one beside a plate and on enquiring found it was .There was a bit if fiddling going on and she dropped the bombshell. My goodness you would have thought we were moving the Bank of England. Then we started talking $$$$$, starting with 0 cancellation fee for the incorrect booking, a new booking at 5, minus the 0, Pete was up for another 5. One of them was about keeping your sense of humour as challenges can and do arise when you travel. Yet nothing takes away from our time away together, I am so happy and grateful that we had that wonderful time…and yes even the extra days.Someone else’s name was on the ticket in place of Pete’s. It turned out that another passenger was being transferred from a flight that was full and she was dealing with his details as well as ours and wrote the wrong name on the ticket. After much finger pointing and phone calls…and time slipping away. Eventually we had a ticket, get through customs and immigration with 10mins to spare before boarding. What challenging travel experiences have you experienced? If you enjoyed and relate to this post please share and comment.

One moment in time happened for me 13 years ago today on September 4th 2002. Going back a few days I had commented to a friend “I don’t know how I will cope without him’.

Observing my personal growth has been extraordinary as has the many women I have helped along the way.

It makes my heart sing when I see the confidence rise in women with whom I have worked.

Now I think about it I did not hear a Fijian child cry or throw a tanti the week we were there.

The markets were a visual delight and they take great pride in the display of their fruit and vegetables.