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Being defensive means the walls of the castle are high, the alligators are in the moat & it is very unlikely you can take in another point of view.

Protecting your point of view is really all that matters.

Defensiveness means it’s harder to absorb honest feedback from others.

Defensiveness means you easily & quickly feel “attacked” or misunderstood.

Defensiveness and black & white thinking/feeling go together hand and glove.

It’s all about “I don’t want to think about the bad parts of me and I really don’t want to hear about it from you and maybe they’ll just go away.” We all can recognize that wishful thinking.

Defensiveness is all about not allowing anyone to add to our vast pile of insecurities.

The truth is: you don’t want to understand something about the dark side of yourself.

A fragile sense of self means you feel either good or bad about yourself.

A constant refrain on this website is that love means growing into being a better person.

Only through the pain of self-awareness is it possible to grow and change.

Relationships require disagreements in order to remain authentic.

People who are black and white in their thinking need to be right and never want to be questioned which is a very defensive position. Relationships by their nature, require dialogue, instead of one person caving into the other’s long monologue.