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His popularity grew when he took on the role of Dr. He also had a starring role in the 2005 hit film Fantastic Four.

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citizenship in 1984, and would go on to become chancellor of Yonsei University in 1994 and Minister of Education in 2000. Tsay, a native of Kaohsiung, came to the United States in 1978 to pursue a Ph. He settled in Singapore five years later, where he founded the American-style food chain Botak Jones in 2003. citizenship in 1933 to take his seat in the House of Lords. citizenship by that point; he resigned from his seat and was returned unopposed in a by-election.

Taiwan's government blacklisted him due to his support for the Tangwai movement, leaving him unable to return home, so he remained in New York State and naturalized as a U. Born in Detroit, Utchenik's work in petroleum engineering brought him to Asia in 1991.

See the article "Quarterly Publication of Individuals Who Have Chosen to Expatriate" for further details on the Federal Register list. For most of the twentieth century, the State Department regarded such naturalizations as indicating the intent to relinquish U. A native of Macau, Cheung grew up in Hong Kong, and moved to the U. S., where she became involved with the Democratic Progressive Party. citizenship in 2003 in preparation for taking up a new post as Afghanistan's ambassador to the United States. Miller, a native of Pittston, Pennsylvania, first came to Korea in 1945 with the United States Navy, and naturalized as a South Korean citizen in 1979. Mobius was born in Hempstead, New York to German and Puerto Rican parents. citizenship in 1998 after President Andrés Pastrana Arango named him Colombia's ambassador to Washington. citizenship in order to avoid deportation, and obtained an official declaration of statelessness from a Milan court. With the onset of the American Civil War, he moved to Athens, Greece and registered himself as a Greek subject so that he would not have to serve in the Confederate States Army. Born in New York City to immigrant parents in 1948, but left the country with them for Bulgaria when they were expelled in 1953; renounced U. citizenship in 1974, although political opponents have questioned the validity of his renunciation. She was later elected to the Senate of the Philippines. in 1989 for further studies, and naturalized as a citizen there before returning to Hong Kong in 1997.

citizenship after being elected to the Knesset in the Israeli legislative election, 2015. She was named a justice of the Supreme Court of Israel in January 2012, which required her to give up any foreign citizenship she held. He was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers in 1967, but instead accepted an offer by Pedro Ferrándiz to join Real Madrid Baloncesto, and moved to Spain. Philippine Secretary of Agriculture Proceso Alcala, for whom Calayag had worked in the past, convinced him to move back to the Philippines and join the Department of Agriculture; Calayag renounced U. citizenship in January 2013 prior to becoming head of the National Food Authority. Du Bois, a native of Massachusetts, moved to Ghana in 1961 at age 93 to manage the Encyclopedia Africana project. He fled the Nazi occupation in 1941 and came to the U. citizenship in 1958 to naturalize as a French citizen. Gade was born at Frogner Manor in Norway in 1870 to American diplomat parents. González was born in Chicago in 1956, but moved to Cuba as an infant. As fighting in Afghanistan's ongoing civil war intensified, he emigrated to the U. in 1994, settling in Long Beach, California where his parents and siblings already lived. He was captured in Afghanistan in 2001 and detained as a purported "illegal enemy combatant". Han Ye-seul is the stage name of Leslie Kim, an actress born to Korean immigrant parents in southern California in 1981. Army during World War II and later naturalized as a U. He naturalized as a South Korean citizen in 1995, taking the name Hae Eui-man. She went on to become a sex educator and feminist studies scholar. the growing clamping down on independent thought in the U. citizenship from her father, DFS co-founder Robert Warren Miller. He returned to Thailand when his mother fell ill, and chose to make his return permanent.

citizenship in May 2012 in preparation for taking up a position as the head of the Hong Kong government's newly created Technology and Communications Bureau. Interned due to his ethnicity along with his family during World War II, he renounced U. citizenship under the Renunciation Act of 1944, stating "My position was this — why was I, an American citizen, thrown in prison without cause, without due process? " He regained citizenship in 1959 through the efforts of civil rights lawyer Wayne M. Mari Brás, a native of Puerto Rico and an advocate for its independence, renounced U. citizenship in Venezuela in 1994 and received a Certificate of Loss of Nationality; he then returned to Puerto Rico.

After the end of Communist rule, he was named Hungarian ambassador to the United States. Kashiwagi was born in Sacramento, California to Japanese immigrant parents.

and later returned with them to Israel, where she grew up and attended Tel Aviv University. Brabender was born in 1945 in Montevideo, Minnesota. citizenship in 1948 in Paris in order to become a "citizen of the world", and created the first "World Passport". After graduating from Tulane University in 2006, he went on to play professional basketball in Europe and South America before coming to Taiwan in 2011 to join the Super Basketball League. State Department refused to renew his passport while he was living there, so Du Bois chose to naturalize as a citizen of Ghana in 1963. D'Escoto, born in Los Angeles in 1933, went into politics in Nicaragua in the 1970s and renounced his U. He married Briton Vivienne Haigh-Wood the following year, and rose to fame as a poet and playwright. Now living in Serbia, she is a political activist and one-time candidate for the presidency of Serbia. Born in Germany in 1891, Ernst lived in France for most of his life. Bush administration as having created an environment "scarily similar to the Orwellian nightmare" of his 1985 film Brazil. Gorham, a native of San Francisco, moved to Japan with his wife and children in 1918, where he worked as an engineer for various predecessors of Nissan before transferring to Hitachi. Hakimi was born in Kabul in 1968, and joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after graduating from the Polytechnical University of Kabul. citizen, but moved back to Afghanistan in 2002 and resumed his career in the Afghan government. In 2011 he was named Afghanistan's ambassador to the United States. A native of New York City, Heyman first came to South Korea in 1953 during the Korean War, and developed an interest in Korean traditional music; he returned to the country in 1960 and devoted the rest of his life to musical research and composition, and received awards from UNESCO and the South Korean government in recognition of his work. Roengpithya was born in Bangkok, and studied there and in London before coming to the U. in the late 1960s, where he worked in integrated circuit design. He moved to Singapore in 2009, and renounced his U.

He would go on to become mayor of New Denver, British Columbia. He graduated from the California Institute of Technology in 1977 and worked for a few years in the U. Born Jo Jeong-ik in Arizona in 1983 to Korean American parents, he moved to South Korea in the early 1990s, made his debut as a singer there in 1997, and went on to an acting career in the mid-2000s, playing roles in television series such as Prosecutor Princess. Yoon, a native of South Korea, followed his family to the U. Born in New York City, she emigrated to her parents' native Italy in 1938, and renounced her U. citizenship in 1941 to save her family's property from expropriation by Mussolini's government. In October 1965, she signed an oath of renunciation at the U. Embassy in Paris, but with the phrase "abjure all allegiance and fidelity to the United States" struck out."Too early" refers to people who relinquished citizenship before publication began. A native of Michigan and a World War II Pacific theater Marine Corps veteran, Abegglen went on to a career as a professor of management and economics. Chan-Palay moved to Switzerland and became a member of the faculty of the University of Zurich in 1989. Chen left behind a career as a judge in Taiwan to emigrate to the U. in 1983, and naturalized as a citizen there in 1992. green card in 2008 to make it easier for her to travel to the U. while caring for her granddaughter, but cancelled it the following year. He was elected to the Parliament of Jamaica in the September 2007 election, and renounced his U. President Robert Kocharyan then gave in to pressure and issued a decree granting Armenian citizenship to him. In 2014, he unsuccessfully protested the imposition of capital gains tax by the United States on his home in London, and renounced U. citizenship in 2016 while becoming Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom. He obtained Japanese citizenship on March 8, 2012, which required him to relinquish his U. After returning to Peru in 2001, he was appointed Minister of Economy and Finance and later Prime Minister until 2006. He was interned due to his ethnicity at Manzanar and then Tule Lake during World War II, and renounced U. citizenship under the Renunciation Act of 1944 in protest of the internment. citizenship to become a Canadian citizen in the belief that she should strive to become a full member of the society in which she lived rather than holding on to the country she left behind. S., in a case believed to be the first of its kind in diplomatic history. A native of Sangerville, Maine, Maxim began his career as an inventor in Massachusetts before emigrating to the United Kingdom in 1881 to pursue the development of what would eventually come to be known as the Maxim gun. Oren was born in New York City in 1955 and raised in New Jersey. citizenship in May 2009 upon taking up his new position as Israel's ambassador to the United States. He moved back to his native South Korea in 1986, and renounced U. citizenship in 1996 when he joined South Korea's Food and Drug Administration. He moved back to China in 2007 to become dean of Peking University's School of Life Sciences, and renounced his U. Japanese nationality law requires those born dual citizens to renounce one citizenship or the other by age 22; Reed chose Japanese citizenship to continue representing Japan in ice dancing. Roberts, a privacy activist was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. An asterisk indicates that Federal Register data for the quarter in which the person relinquished citizenship has not yet been released. citizens who naturalize in foreign countries has varied over the years. However, in 1990 the State Department adopted the administrative presumption that "when a U. citizen obtains naturalization in a foreign state, subscribes to routine declarations of allegiance to a foreign state, or accepts non-policy level employment with a foreign state", he or she intends to retain U. citizenship, overriding the earlier presumption that such acts indicated intent to relinquish U. He moved to Japan in 1982 and naturalized as a citizen of the country in 1997. Born in India in 1950, Chandran attended university there and in the Philippines before moving to the U. However, she later returned to Taiwan to resume her career as a judge, and relinquished her U. citizenship with her reinstatement by the Judicial Yuan. She would go on to become a member of the Council of Grand Justices. Born in Japan in 1971 to a Taiwanese father and an American mother, she did her secondary and tertiary education in the U. Born in Greensboro, North Carolina, Jolley moved to Canada in 1967 to avoid being after receiving a drafted to serve in the Vietnam War and renounced U. After the end of World War II, he emigrated to Japan; he never sought to restore his U. citizenship, and lived in Tokyo until his death in 1965. She married a Canadian whom she met while studying at St Anne's College, Oxford and moved to Canada with him in 1940. Lau, a native of Guizhou, attended secondary school in Hong Kong before moving to the U. in 1960 for further studies, and pursued his academic career there for four decades before returning to Hong Kong in 2004 to become Vice-Chancellor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The son of violinist Yehudi Menuhin, Jeremy Menuhin was born in San Francisco, California, but followed his parents to Europe, where he studied at Eton College and made his debut as a pianist with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. He emigrated to Israel in 1979, where he went on to become a historian, military officer and diplomat. The son of a Greek immigrant, Perdicaris was born and raised in South Carolina. for some time, she moved back to the Philippines in 2004, and renounced U. citizenship prior to becoming chairwoman of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board in 2010. in 1985 for graduate studies at the UC San Francisco, and later naturalized as a U. Born in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1944 to an Austrian immigrant father, Rich rose to fame in the U. citizenship, and became a Canadian citizen in 1974. He returned to Hong Kong in 1983 to pursue a career as a movie actor. citizenship in 2011 to serve in the Republic of Korea Army. He returned to South Korea in the 1990s to pursue an entertainment industry career, eventually becoming a member of rock band MC the Max in 1999. Taylor was born in London to American parents in 1932. Yen was born in Taishan, Guangdong in 1963, migrated to Hong Kong with his family at age 2, and then moved to Boston, Massachusetts at age 10, where he spent his teenage years. The Supreme Court of Puerto Rico held in 1997 that he still had the right to vote in elections there. After her husband was deposed, she returned to the U. with her children and lobbied Congress for the restoration of her citizenship, but a 1976 private bill to this end faced objections from the Senate and had to be watered down to grant her only a green card.