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What inspired the good folks at Mesa Engineering to tweak things a little further, though, and to add that hand-inked “ ” to the chassis, seems to have been a staff member’s own quest for the ultimate shred tone.While the original Boogie is the brainchild of Randall C.If these knob twiddlings can’t be heard in the sustained note – no change of volume or tone – the amp has the “ ” lead circuit.

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Bendinelli, an engineer, pushed the gain further and further, also voicing it for West’s request to make it brighter, adding another gain stage to the already toothsome cascading-gain lead circuit for which Boogies have long been famous.

“John was always looking to try new amps, and he often got stuff just as it was coming out,” West says.

“He was always a great customer, and then he became a great friend to everybody here.

And while any “ ” or scribbled initials in marker can obviously be forged by unscrupulous Mark II owners looking to add value to their non-“ ” amps, there’s another well-publicized test to reveal the hallowed lead circuit, short of sending it to Mesa Engineering to open up and verify.

This so-called “loop test” simply requires that you plug a guitar into the “Return” jack of the effects loop, switch the amp to Lead, play a sustained note, and change the Lead Drive and Volume 1 controls while the note decays.