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My post is a little non sequitur as I wanted to cover a lot of information, but all relevant and of value for if you want to know more about these Eurasian women.

These numbers may seem low but these are ethnic Persians who may be slightly different from the 200 million native speakers of the Indo-European language which include Persians , Kurds, Baloch, Lurs and Pashtuns.

There is an idea called Dastan in Persian culture that people protect their culture from outsiders, but today its only history and a story.

I know many non middle eastern guys who are looking for girls from Persia.

However, because of the difficult political situation, it is not a good idea to go looking for a wife in Tehran or Mashhad unless you are part of the culture.

So what are you to do if you are looking for a beautiful Persian model for marriage?

Programs include a mixture of Iranian and western music, social and cultural subjects. We apologize to anyone offended but as realists we believe change takes time and comes from within. Especially those who chose to stay in Abadan and Khoramshahr in the first few weeks of war, with sticks and stones in hand, to defend this beautiful land from Iraq's agression.

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To Westerners many of these women look like models simply on the virtue of their dissimilarity to their own features.However if you want to chat with online here are a couple I found easy to use and I can recommend, try the following online personals websites: Yes.However, you need to be an open minded guy to different world cultures.These people live in Iraq to Afghanistan and even Pakistan.I think the cultures are very similar as I have know a few Kurdish and Iranians – but Farsi girls might protest if these cultures are all lumped together.She was shy and beautiful and European looking as Iranians are of the same groups as Europeans.