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This is going to be really difficult for both of us I'm sure- once you've taken a relationship to a romantic level it's often hard to go back to being just friends.Selfishly I really want to continue dating him but I also really want him to be successful in his program.I make no secret of that and it gets me in all kinds of trouble because by rights I should be speaking only about Al-Anon when I'm here.So what I say is not the opinion of Al-Anon I guess that's what I mean.Our 12 step program has its advantages for all and it seems to me that you really like this guy, so the match maker in me says go for it. I'm sure the more seasoned members here can help more than I can.Wolfie55-Thank you for the advice and words of encouragement.Of course my situation is slightly different in that we are both double winners.

We are supposed to hang out next weekend and knowing this now I'm not quite sure how to act.

I became involved after only four months continuous sobriety.

I, too, was doing my 4th and 5th step at the time of our first date and I was on my ninth step when I made the conscious decision to get involved with this woman. we are happily married, haven't had any major difficulties.

I am writing in this forum because I started dating a guy a few months ago and things were going really well then he started to pull away.

I questioned him on this and he ultimately came clean with the fact that he is currently in AA and working on his 12 steps and has been discouraged by his sponsor to date.