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We need a strong, self-sacrificial Jesus and his loving, submissive bride emblazoned on our minds.

Dating human skeletal remains

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Local experts tell the station Fox 8 the ancient bones could belong to Hopewell or Delaware tribes of Native Americans.

The Hopewell culture flourished in Ohio and elsewhere in eastern North America as early as 100 BC, according to the site

Radiocarbon laboratories at the University of California--Riverside, the University of Arizona, and Beta Analytical conducted AMS carbon 14 dating of the remains (Mc Manamon 2000).

Ancient DNA laboratories at the University of California--Davis, the University of Michigan, and Yale University attempted to isolate and amplify ancient DNA from the skeleton (Kaestle 2000; Merriwether and Cabana 2000; Smith, Malhi, Eshleman, and Kaestle 2000).

This characterization ignores the detailed, intensive, and wide-ranging scientific investigation of the Kennewick remains undertaken to determine the facts relevant to the questions in the case and report them.

A man hunting for arrowheads found the skeletal fragments and called 911.Kennewick) to Assist with DNA Sample Selection Philip L. Authorities say human remains found by a man in Ohio are estimated to be nearly a millennium old.The Kennewick skeleton was physically examined, measured, and recorded using current and standard scientific methods and techniques (Mc Manamon 1999; Powell and Rose 1999).Sediments adhering to the bones and trapped within bone cavities were described and analyzed for similarity with the soil sediments in the vicinity of the discovery of the skeletal remains (Huckleberry and Stein 1999).Whether one agrees or disagrees with the various decisions and positions as this case works its way through the federal court system, the thoroughness and objectivity of the government scientific investigations, the expertise of the investigating scientists, and the value of the information obtained should not be ignored.