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I started to ask other men in my life about going up to talk to women they didn't know.

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I chose the tiny, pink-papered dorm room that fit around me like a hermit crab's shell. He sees me, now, as I will be when He's done making me. But without knowing how He feels about you, it's not worth walking the Emmaus road.The one with a lavish view of flaming fall leaves, a view I often forgot to enjoy. Not only have I spent years asking the wrong questions about life, I've also been asking them in the wrong order. I can't help it: I've heard the low voices of my grandparents, praying together every night before they went to sleep. At one of the lowest ebbs in my walk with God, He actually delighted in me.I've seen my mother laughing hysterically, just because my dad doesn't get her jokes ... I experienced wonder and excitement when my four youngest siblings were born, and have helped them learn to walk, to read, and to enjoy God's creation. I can only conclude that He's crazy that way: It's part of His character to delight in me! Make it your job to hear about it, to immerse yourself in it, to pursue a deeper knowledge of it.(See 1 Corinthians 7, for example.)• At other times, we’ve simply ignored singles.Too many sermons and pastoral prayers, for example, treat only the realities of marriage.Our take on singleness, after all, differs markedly from the world’s.We don’t live a single life as a man or woman to gratify our deepest urges or shirk responsibility.

Yes, rejection or unrequited love hurts, and that pain should not be downplayed.

And no wonder: I was depressed; I was restless; I was wrestling with God. But somehow, that didn't stop a new fact from coming slowly into focus in my heart. My first question ought to be How else can I glorify God as a marriage-minded single?

I knew how I wanted my life to go, and I was afraid that if I truly gave myself to Him, it wouldn't go that way. So I plopped my notebook on my bed, sat down beside it, and asked, "Lord, how do You feel about me? By continuing to tell the truth about marriage to others, just when it is most tempting to denigrate it in order to ease my pain.

But in the midst of this genuine grieving, I do well to remember that romantic love cannot be bought, even with the coin of deserving or longing for that love.

I can't always explain why I do or don't fall in love with someone; how can I expect this of someone else?