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In the Crimea you should be made aware of a few areas where, historically, Russians dominate the population. Cities were built, these by Russian tzars over 200 years ago, so the people, traditions and values of life of inhabitants remained there native Russian.

Girls of Sevastopol and Yalta are similar to typical Russian woman, and about which so much is said on the Internet. This large, modern city, is in contrast to the small size and population of cities of Crimea.

Today, the role of women in the Crimean society continues to grow with each passing year: free, proud, talented and beautiful, not only successfully cope with their family responsibilities, but also try to compete with the stronger sex in traditionally male fields.

But this does not make them lose their primordial feminine traits such as the keeper of hearth and educators of their children.

Focus has shifted from the new government in Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, to Crimea, a region Russian troops seized control of Saturday.

The most common place women from the Crimean Peninsula find men from the United States is online."Crimea became part of Ukraine only in 1954," he said. Out of its 2 million residents, about 60 percent identify as Russian."Crimea was historically part of Russia, and (Nikita) Khrushchev gave it to Ukraine in a gesture that mystified some people." Ignatius was correct in saying that Ukraine has only controlled the Crimean Peninsula since 1954 -- a claim we also heard from U. That’s the highest concentration of Russian speakers in Ukraine.Though Khrushchev’s gesture had unclear motives, it didn’t seem like a problem for Russia at the time, a one-sentence write-up in the official Soviet newspaper.It became a bigger issue in the region once the Soviet Union collapsed decades later.All are absolutely real, and their profiles contain full contact information including phone numbers and addresses.