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People love nothing more than debunking common beliefs.

Plus, by pointing what’s WRONG in your industry, you also position yourself as a leader. Debunk with style 🙂 Every industry has it’s own circle of gossip.

Building a raving audience of fans online all starts with mind-blowing pillar content. These types of posts are almost always a hit because people love to read about other people’s ‘mistakes’.

Plus, they provide a ton of value for your readers and help them to avoid common pitfalls. Be authentic and transparent and people will love you for it.

but this wisdom tooth extraction has just not been treating me very well.

Sure, I use all kinds of tricks to get the ‘ol inspiration motor running. Or the beginning of a new year 🙂 Take a look at what’s happening in your market. Not only are these types of posts a TON of fun but they also position you as a leader in your market. I recently used this in an email entitled “Why I Don’t Do SEO”.

This template was released in January 2015, and it looks stunningly beautiful.So whip out the ‘ol Magic 8 Ball and publish your predictions! As you can imagine, it got QUITE the attention because I was debunking a hot topic within our industry.This is a blog post that I recommend EVERY blogger do. You can use this same strategy on your own blog: This one is an instant winner when used properly. People are looking for something fun, unique, and different.Take a stand on the issue and help guide your reader to make an informed decision.Use the 17 blog post ideas above to stand out from the crowd, get your blog noticed, and become an industry maven. If you’d like to discover ALL 24 of Kim’s favorite traffic sources, go to claim your FREE Underground Traffic Report.Some examples here might include: Talk about what’s WRONG in your industry. Writing about these hot topics is one of the best ways to increase readership and tap into the conversation that’s ALREADY taking place in the mind of your prospect. Part of positioning yourself as an authority is staying ahead of the trends within your industry.