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When I was in my late 20’s, I worked in an office where two people fell in love and ended up getting married and very recently, having a baby. The guy eats Pop Tarts for breakfast every day and his socks smell. Things might get weird if he becomes your boss or you become his.

For them, dating each other regardless of their co-worker status was the right thing to do. It will suck to have to treat him like a colleague in staff meetings when all you want to do is jump on him and lick his face. Hopefully, you’ll still get butterflies despite this. There’s a good chance that this will send one of you off into the job market, searching for a new place of employment …

My answer to all three: "Nope — because we followed the rules." The truth is, office romances are tricky and generally not recommended.

" Those are questions I'm frequently asked when I tell people the story of my office romance.

You can IM him and tell him to meet you in the hallway for a secret, 4 o’clock kiss or have dinner in the break room when you have to work late. On a tight deadline, you have an ally to collaborate with.

Work is where we spend our days, explore ourselves, and build our networks—so why should dating be excluded?

(High risk.) Are you wildly infatuated with the boss you barely know? If you think you can hide your affair from your coworkers, think again.

(Medium risk.) Or have you developed a mutually supportive relationship with a coworker you’ve come to trust and respect? I’ve worked with more than a few “undeclared” couples who thought they had the office duped.

I didn’t suffer any professional disasters, but I did have to deal with a lot of personal anxieties I might not have experienced otherwise…I don’t think it’s a total coincidence that I’ve been most professionally successful in the years since I instituted my ‘no journo’ dating rule.If you think you want to give it a try and ask him out, use the following strategy to help you sort through both the emotions and the day-to-day realities of dating at work.1. No shame here, but the parameters of the relationship and the level of risk are directly proportional to your purpose.Are you having a one-night-stand with the company CEO to leverage a promotion?He would bring other girls into the club and I would watch them hanging out or, worse, making out and have to batten down my rage for the rest of my shift.This was great for writing angry poetry on the back of band fliers, horrible for my mental state.Inevitably your boss will find out anyway, and you want her to be confident that you'll behave in a professional, ethical, and responsible manner.