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Dating a girl who is not exclusive

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Which is why I want you to put your male hat on when answering your own question.

If you were giving advice to a trusted girl friend about a guy who was not committing to her, what would you say? Too emotionally engaged in your own relationship to see it objectively.

Oh and that brings me to another point: I dare not refer to her as “my girlfriend” I guess because that sounds very relationship, and she is not ready for that. Do I take it slow like she says and really back off? After all, how many letters have you read here from women who could have said the same thing, verbatim?

Since we slept together we’ve only been together on nine dates. I mean her actions tell me that she is really into me but I’m just not super sure. “He wants to take it slow.” “He is not the best communicator of his feelings.” “By trying not to call as much and not be as romantic as I want to be, I feel I’m playing a silly game with him.” “I dare not refer to him as my boyfriend; he is not ready for that.” “His actions tell me that he’s really into me, but I’m just not sure.” So yes, Daniel, your letter seems like it could have been ripped out of the pages of Glamour or Cosmo, but that’s a good thing.

Well, you may say something cliched like “He’s just not that into you” And you may be right. So what you’re doing is using all available evidence to support your ideas.

But that wouldn’t be enough to satisfy your girl friend. She’s the one who wants to believe this is workable. You’re justifying her lack of commitment by saying that she says she feels like she’s in a relationship with you.

Brillaint answer, and very very very true and accurate. She’s not being nice to him, she’s pushing him away – and as long as he agrees to that by staying, she’ll think she has a green light to continue to do so.

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And according to "How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days," isn't all supposed to be fair in love and war?She also is not the best communicator of her feelings when it comes to how she personally feels.She told me that she’s talked to me more about how she personally feels then all her other relationships combined; I’m not sure if I should be happy about that or not. We are sexually exclusive with each other, but she gets upset sometimes when I do really nice things for her.I'm a professional Matchmaker based in Los Angeles, what I affectionately refer to as “the Baghdad of dating.”The dating scene is rough in LA (and in every other city, and in every other town,...and for our entire generation), and I have match-made and coached hundreds of women: from A-list celebrities, to successful girl bosses, to cover models, who all don't understand why they can't get into an exclusive relationship with a nice guy. If you have yet to hire a professional Matchmaker like myself, which I highly encourage if you are in the financial place to do it, you are probably meeting men on dating apps or online (or in real life if you read this genius article by yours truly). If a guy is relying heavily on the apps as his primary source for meeting women, he is coming into the dating scene with a completely different mentality than men of the past who dated solely based on who they met in their everyday lives.I’ve known her all my life, since her parents and mine have been friends for over 30 years.