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Along those same lines, familiarize yourself with the Terms of Use for the various sites you frequent, and the online accounts you sign up for.
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Consolidating direct plus loans

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This means, for example, that a Perkins Loan on its own cannot be consolidated into a Direct Loan.

You may consolidate with Direct Loans during grace periods, once you have entered repayment, or during periods of deferment or forbearance.

WARNING: It is very dangerous to consolidate federal loans into a private consolidation loan.

You will lose your rights under the federal loan programs once you choose to consolidate with a private lender.

As you weigh the pros and cons, keep in mind that timing is critical.

The Department says that borrowers with joint consolidation loans may repay under the IBR/PAYE plan as long as both spouses qualify with partial financial hardships.APPLYING FOR DIRECT LOAN CONSOLIDATION All borrowers must now apply for Direct Loan consolidation using the web site. It is very important to review this sheet and check to make sure all of the loans you wanted to consolidate are included in the new consolidation loan.(Click espanol to find a Spanish version of the on-line application). Be sure to meet the deadline for responding if you think there are problems with the consolidation or if you have decided you do not want to go forward.These include deferment, forbearance, cancellation, and affordable repayment rights.Also, federal consolidation loans generally have lower interest rates. You can consolidate all, just some, or even just one of your student loans.