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Confident dating headlines

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(It’s also sometimes called the Lake Wobegon effect, after the fictional town in A Prairie Home Companion.) Research has shown, for example, that people tend to believe their IQ is higher than average, or that they’re a better driver than average. The site asks its users to rate themselves on a variety of things, including intelligence, height, and morality.

Just like in the psychology studies on illusory superiority, OKCupid users tend to rate themselves as being smarter and more moral than the average user of the site.

For college-age men, at least, the message from Yeh’s research seems clear: Cool it on the overconfidence, okay?

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So Yeh decided to compare that against the person’s subsequent “success” on the site, which she defined as things like first contacts (as in, you reached out to someone on the site, or the other person reached out to you) and long conversations (a chat that goes back and forth at least four times qualifies).

To keep it simple, she decided to focus on two age groups: the youngest users on the site (ages 18 to 22) and those on the older end (age 45 to 55).

And yet for the older users, “the more confident you are, the more messages you get,” Yeh added.

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“It could mean, perhaps as you get older, you start to have more concrete measures of how confident you are,” Yeh said.

You can back up that confidence with actual achievements, in other words; the young folk in her data set were confident, but chances are they hadn’t really done much yet.

Still, I found it insulting, since I’m a female, and it was his indirect way of saying women suck at the dating game.

So, I thought about what he meant, and why my behavior was mostly associated with guys.