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But before you get too excited at the idea that being promicuous is exactly what our DNA intended, bear in mind that Joe S. Let both parties enter the night on an equal footing.

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She sighed again and then smiled softly at her friend, 'if you're excited, of course I'm excited''Next Ladies' the man operating the desk called to them.

Super stoked, never been - totally on my life list. Where else am I going to have the opportunity to experience something like that? I have to admit though - there was one thing that shocked me, and it was this woman who liked to have people stand on her and be pinched. Her friend looks at me like she's about to ask me to take this outside, so I stop and say no no no! I personally enjoy being in the moment and letting the day take me where it wants to take me. Fortunately because I live my life so public, people on twitter totes saw that I was in town and offered up some local hospitality! I then decided if I was going to do this - I had to go big or go home … Also too, there was some sort of holiday party going on so there were people LITERALLY all over the place. Also too, guys don't normally stand you up when you're doing something so last minute to begin with. Not having a filter - I of course blurt that out instead of just thinking it. I then did what every other girl would have done in that situation … Yep, I literally just sat down in a chair inside the lounge in the bathroom and decided to wait it out. I knew I needed to go to the space needle to cross it off my life list, but outside of that - I planned on letting the wind take me anywhere it wanted to. I'm here to enjoy this person's company and to get to know them better - not wonder if I am going to go over the allocated time. I then look at him a little more closely though and think, how old is this kid? I knew I wanted to go at that point, but it was still technically pretty early, and these guys weren't really that drunk - so I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to escape without being INCREDIBLY obvious.Because of course, ammo and tiramisu totally go together. Seattle is actually known for being very gun friendly. We then go inside, and after signing two releases and paying we were in. I still hadn't set a definite location with either date, but knew it would be somewhere in the downtown area which was about a 20 minute walk away. That's the thing too with me dudes, is that I've BEEN in those situations before. Had this guy not been in uniform, and had there not be people CRAWLING all over this place, it would have been freaky and I would have run away screaming STRANGER DANGER - this was fine. We then approach the elevator, a few people that lived there got inside with us. He guided me through the glass door and showed me very literally the most breathtaking view of the city. I have to get back to my friends - they're waiting for me. An hour and one very large and potent Belgian ale later, I still hadn't heard back from the guys. Then, there were the actual cougars who were in their mid to late 40s wiping away tears from their friend's eye telling her that she's too good for some guy. Shortly after I left, and met up with another twitter friend , and all in all a lot of fun.A bit of a juxtaposition to traditional liberalism, but it works. Then a woman stops us - oh don't forget your name tags. As I'm walking over still about 5 minutes away from my destination - I feel a tap on my shoulder. I haven't seen you around and you don't look like the girls around here. I've been grabbed on the street in NYC, I've had a store I was working at get robbed, I've had a dude try to carjack me, and I was almost kidnapped when I was 8 from Quincy market in Boston. The "hell no" part actually did escape my mouth, and I then thanked him for the view and after snapping a few pics walked back inside and called the elevator. I woke up the next morning excited and ready for my final day in town. Whatever, I thought - 21 year old dick doesn't know what it's doing and if I'm not having casual sex as is, I am DEFINITELY not about to go against that rule with something so inexperienced. Not only am I on top of the space needle, but I am on top of the space needle listening to Nirvana. Next up, I'm on the train back to LA, and I'm going to be spending the night at LAX.Hermione sat down next to Ginny on the couch at the far end of the room and opened her documents1.