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They left this to the politicians and anyone who took the bait,” he said.

Lindzen noted that National Academy of Sciences president Dr. Ralph Cicerone says ‘we don’t have that kind of evidence’ to claim we are ‘going to fry’ from AGW Lindzen also featured 2006 quotes from Scientist Dr.

For the next four decades, with only a brief absence here and there, Hanson hosted jazz programs on WPR, shows with titles like .

Hanson once explained his passion for jazz like this: "I grew up hearing a lot of music, live performances and recordings.

“The deserts are greening from rising CO2,” he added.

“Co2 has provided the basis of life for at least 3.5 billion years,” Moore said.

Lindzen singled out Secretary of State John Kerry for his ‘ignorance’ on science. “Kerry expresses his ignorance of what science is,” he added.As much as I respect other types of music, jazz somehow grabbed me hard, early." He continued: "Part of it was hearing 'West End Blues' by Louis Armstrong, and the great Lester Young leaps in with the Count Basie Band, and Duke Ellington's 'Chelsea Bridge' and Gene Krupa's 'Sing, Sing, Sing' and Miles Davis' 'Funny Valentine.'" When Hanson stepped away from WPR in 2000, I asked Ben Sidran about Michael's contribution, and Sidran said: "The radio has always been very important to jazz. Hearing jazz, when you're home alone, or in your car, it leaves a lot to your imagination. And the voice that brings you that music provides context for the romance.Michael has one of the most romantic jazz voices ever.According to local legend, sometime during the early 1920s a scheduled guest failed to appear at the appointed hour.The announcer on duty reached into his bag, pulled out a book (—editing for 30-minute time slots, choosing stories that dramatize well on radio, using voice inflection and altering pace to shape mood, cutting-and-splicing to create smooth transitions—undoubtedly lead to a successful Mr Hanson first started at Wisconsin Public Radio in 1958, as a 17-year-old part-timer.: 'Demonization of CO2 is irrational at best and even modest warming is mostly beneficial.' - 'When someone says this is the warmest temperature on record. You are calling something a pollutant that we all produce. ' AUSTIN, Texas – A team of prominent scientists gathered in Texas today at a climate summit to declare that fears of man-made global warming were “irrational” and “based on nonsense” that “had nothing to do with science.” They warned that “we are being led down a false path” by the upcoming UN climate summit in Paris.