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The founding president of the institution was Dr Danny O'Hare, who retired in 1999 after 22 years' service.
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Overall, studies suggest that eating about 50g of processed meat a day (around two slices of ham or a slice of bacon) may increase the risk of bowel cancer by around 20 per cent — one theory is that nitrosamines, compounds formed when we eat meat, damage the DNA in our cells.

Current guidelines are to eat 500g or less of red meat a week, which gives us real scope for enjoying some delicious meat-based meals.

Better detection and our longer lives play a part in rising cancer rates, but our lifestyle and environment must also be part of the picture — what we put into our body has a profound impact, with many cancers, from stomach to bowel, linked to diet and weight gain.

A massive two-thirds of bowel cancer cases could be prevented by eating, drinking and living well according to the NHS.

As a dietitian and nutritionist for the past 25 years, I have treated hundreds of people, young and old and often a key question, even if I was seeing them for a different issue entirely, was what we should and shouldn’t eat to reduce the likelihood of developing cancer, and how can food help us fight the disease if we are diagnosed?

The incidence of different cancers varies hugely but, worryingly, the numbers of people affected are on the rise.

Not only do they add to the fear of anyone worried about developing cancer, they can also worsen the outcomes of those living with the disease.People end up malnourished and there just isn’t the evidence to support such extreme strategies. Several studies have suggested that a high consumption of red or processed meat — bacon, ham — is linked with an increase in the risk of bowel cancer.So let’s look at the biggest myths around food and cancer and see what adds up . But the evidence for the risks is greater for a diet heavy in processed meat than having good-quality lean steak a couple of times a week — and the latter will provide all the eight essential amino acids our bodies need for growth, brain development, healthy bones and endorphins (happy hormones).The latest official advice is that dairy should make up no more than 8 per cent of your daily diet.Sugar doesn’t make cancer grow faster if you have it already.In fact, studies find a convincing relationship between drinking too much alcohol and the development of mouth, throat, oesophageal, liver and bowel cancers.