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LONDON, W.— Wanted, qualified Junior Assistant (about 23 or 24), indoors, with good Dispensing experience. Full particulars of previous engagements, age, height, and salary expected, and wlicu disengaged, or apply personally to Sharpe & Son, 54 High Street, Netting "Hill Gate, W. E.— Junior Assistant (outdoor B), unqualified, for a Cash suburban Branch baaaiess. Assis- tant (outdoors), same age, for three evenings a week and every third Sunday duty. T ONDON, N.— A Senior Assistant, tho Tou,ehly reliable 1 ^° ^ liigli-O'ass Dispensing and Retailbusiness, by April 17th; about 28 or 50 years of age; must be well up in Dispensing and well recommended; indoors. ASSISTANT wanted (outdoors^ for good-class Dispensing and General Retail lousiness in small provincial town ; knowledge of Photography essential ; duties light; hours short; moderate salary. Give 2 refer- ences and send photo (state salary), 231/26, Office of this Paper. LONDON, W.— Junior, with good Dispensing experience ; out- doors. W.— Wanted, early in April, Assistant ; indoors; age 22 to 26; acoustomed to Dispensing; also, immediately. Apply, with full particulars,- photo, and salary required, to Smith , Chemist, 2 Elinwood Gardens, Aeton Hill, W. Particulars to "Chemist, Dublin" (254/58), Of Bce of this Paper. district; must be a good Salesman and have Hrst-dass references; gentleman witli West-end and Continental experience preferred ; salary and com- mission. MIDLANDS.— Good-class Light Retail, with Photo trade and nice Optical connection ; splendid position in main street of busy town ; returns £1,400 ; Taluation of stock and fixtures. — Good middle-class Retail, now under unqualified management; grand opening for Photographic and Optics; returns £630 ; net profit £200 ; price £400 ; splendid opportunity. — Middle-class Light Retail, Prescribing, and j3wn Preparations ; nice double-fronted shop ; good house and garden ; old established; returns under manager £570; net profit £200; valuation about £400; can be greatly increased. — Good medium-class Country Business; Photo, Dis- pensing, and Specialities ; very good shop and premises, and rent exceptionally low; returns £500 (over) ; net 2)roflt £225; price £450; worth attention. DERBYSHIRE.— Good Mixed Family Retail, Prescribing, and own Specialities ; returns £600 under manager ; nicely-fitted shop (look-up) ; unopposed ; price £250. BEE, DOE & FISH have several clients requiring to purchase for cash Businesses returning £1,000 to £2,000, in good Market or Provincial Tovyns, 50 to 100 miles of London. Vssistant (indoors, about 23 years of agel ' for good-class Dispensing business. CARLISLE.— Qualified Assi.^tant, thoroughly reliable, energetic, for brisk Retail in a good-class Dispensing and Mixed business. — Wanted, Assistant; Minor qualification; English- man preferred; age not more than 20 years; unmarried; a good Salesman and possessing practical knowledge of the W hole- sale trade; must be of sober habits, honest, reliable, and trust- worthy; three years' engagement; salary first year £75, second year £b5, third year £9o, with board and lodging in principal's house; first-class passage ijaid. GOOD South Coast town, centre of principal street, one of the best known Family and Dispensing Businesses; lately neglected from ill-health; now returning over £1, C00; with good Photographic con- nection; pur'jhasers having £700 capital at command can have address for private contract ; vendor retiring. BOGNOR.— Wanted, for the end of Jfarch, ciualificd Assistant; must be well up in Dispensing and Photography; outdoors; age about 25. M., 2 hours' rest ; no night duty ; sceond-c'lass passage paid out and home.

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DERBYSHIRE.— A'ery good-class Retail, in a particularly good residential district and no competition ; returns £500 and can bo greatly increased with attention; price £200; low rent; good premises WANTED, IMMEDIATELY, several good-class Businesses, Midlands or North, returning from £800 to £2,000 ; although we have been most successful recently in disposing of a large number of businesses, we have still a great many clients on our books unsuited, and we are in a position to effect a speedy sale without publicity. STOCKTAKING.— AUowr irs to point out the necessity of having your Stock taken for "Fire Insurance" and. LONDON, N.— Qualified Manager; not over 30; knowledge Plioto- graphy ; outdoors; one whole dav off weekly. Margh 20, 1909 THE CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST SUPPLEMENT 59 IMMKDIATKI. Send p Uoto and full particulars to 238/9, Oiflce of this I'aper. E:i-t l.ciiiilon : 3 iiuirniuv''S weekly: reyuircd to teiicli students: siihiry tii O per :iiinuni : Christian; niistainer. MANAGER wanted; energetic, gentlemanly Pharmacist; nu V t be good Salesman, Dispenser, and Window-dresser, and aceu, - tomed tu modern Store business. ftmie age, height, experience salary expected, and enclose photo, if possible (to be returned), to Jlatthews & Sou, Chemists, 722 High Road, Leytonstone, N. LONDON,, E.— Wanted, at once, qualified Assistant r outdoors. Apply, stating age, height, experience, refer- ences, and salary required, in both instances, to Greenish, New Street, Dorset Square, N. Apply, stating age, experience, terms, and references,' to " Phenacetin " (235/36), Office of this Paper. W.— Qualified Junior, chiefly for Dispensing; must be accustomed to flrst-olass business and with good Dispensiu" experience. W.— Smart, young, qualified Assistant required; knowledge of Photography and Optics; outdoors. Of outdoors, for high-class Dispensing business ; interview required. MANCHESTER.- Qualified i Manager for Branch middlc-elas B cash business; lialf-day oif weekly from 1 p.m.; alternate Sunday night duty. DISTRICT.— Wanted, qualified Branch Manager; one used to Drug-stores preferred ; must be of good appear- ance and competent to take sole charge ; one desiring a permanency preferred. Apply, giving full particula);s, with salary required, J. State age, height, experience, salary required, with photo, to W. " \'c&t ' — Immediately, an Assistant, not under 23 od Disiiensiug ex])erience and accustomed must be strictly accurate, quite familiar 1 class business; hours 8.50 to 8; alternate iluors ; state salary and full particulars of no photos ; applications not answered in ' (240/28), Office of this Paper. T ONDON WEST-END.-Assistant (age 25 to 30), single, indoors ' . Reply, giving usual particulars as to age, height, .salary required, references, to 240 / 35, Ofhcc of this Paper. — Manager for Branch with view- to purchase; excellent opportunity for man who would work ; good house and \vell-fitted shop ; reasonable terms of payment by instalments could be arranged. NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE INFIRMARY, Hartshill, Stoke-on- Trent. — Qualified Assistant Dispenser wanted at once; cora- meneing salary £80 per annum, with dinner daily ; applications, with three testimonials of recent date, to be sent to the undersigned not later than Tuesday, Marcli .30. Boyce, Secretary and House Goverrior, March 18, 1909. — Wanted, Junior; nnqualified; outdoors; must have knowledge of Photography and sonre Dispensing. TUNBRIDGE AVELLS.— Wanted, April 1st, Junior Assistant (age 19 to 20, indoors), for lji^]iru,-;ing- and Photographic business. WEST OF EXG L-\N1) or over 26, -with ,'jf to making Preparations: with the i-outiiie ni a l'mm evening duty (liglit) : nut experience in first Irttcr 4 clays declined. Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2014 https://archive.org/details/b19974760l\/l1595 Ui PPte Me NT. LKICESTERSHIRE.— Old-established Light Retail; in busy market town ; best position ; splendid Proprietaries ; returns about £550 ; price £450 or offer ; must be sold owing to breakdown in health ; good house and premises. — High-class Light Retail and Dispensing in inland health resort; returns about £1,000 (2 businesses) ; fine Shops at low rents; profitable ; price about £850 ; grand opportunity to acquire a first- class concern.