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Value() Procurar(codigo) Catch ex As Exception Msg Box("Seleo Invlida. Enabled = True End Sub O evento Click do boto Deletar ser solicitada uma confirmao para excluir o registro selecionado; a seguir ser aberta uma conexo com o banco de dados e o registro selecionado ser deletado usando a instruo SQL DELETE FROM; Private Sub btn Deletar_Click(sender As System. Open() Dim arr Imagem() As Byte Dim str Imagem As String Dim ms As New IO. Empty Then Msg Box("Informe o nome do aluno") txt Nome.

The order of tab pages in this collection reflects the order the tabs appear in the control.

Item("imagem") For Each ar As Byte In arr Imagem ms.

Close() End Sub Private Sub lnk Procurar_Link Clicked(sender As System.

When visual styles are enabled, and the property is set to a value other than Top, the tab contents might not render correctly.

To work around this issue, you can paint the tab contents yourself using owner drawing.