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Justin Buzzard helps men re-learn this all-important skill from a position of security in the gospel of grace.

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“ I have a mother and a sister still in Sudan.” This is a statement based on as much hope as fact — the truth is, he hasn’t seen his mother or sister in 17 years.

Anyieth looks down at the floor again and quickly adds, “ My sister was about 4 when I left.” After leaving home, it took Anyieth and his friends a full month of walking to reach a camp in Ethiopia.

it had an hour long feature presentation plus about another hour of extras.

this dvd showed hysterical moments we never saw, like mallory being taken back to the train yard on the metro and christina peeing in the seine.

But the pain is obvious from the emotion in his voice and the mist in his eyes.

What really stands out when first meeting Anyieth is his sparkling, bright smile.

But though this smile is friendly, one can sense a hint of caution—a certain kind of quiet reserve.

But promising isn't quite the same as delivering, so those looking for loads of nudity and steamy sex--i.e., "the extras that were too hot for MTV to air"--are probably in for a disappointment.

There's much discussion of such fascinating topics as breaking wind, snoring, burping, and, of course, sex, as Arissa, Alton, Brynn, and the others sit around rehashing their experiences, but due to the magic of video masking, precious little is actually seen.