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The fact that Mac Kay was able to cut a deal with Harper came as a surprise to some old-school Tories.Harper had been seen as an inflexible ideologue, Mac Kay a pragmatist from the Mulroney school.“It demonstrated how quickly things can fall apart, or come together,” Mac Kay later reflected on Campbell’s fall and Charest’s bid to rebuild.Charest soon exited for Quebec provincial politics, and Joe Clark assumed the federal Tory leadership for a few desultory years.“My head’s clear,” Mac Kay self-analyzed to the TV cameras. In 2012, he married Nazanin Afshin-Jam, human-rights advocate and former Miss World Canada runner-up.They have a son and are expecting their second child. As defence minister, Mac Kay wanted to patch things up with a Middle East ally.

And yet, like an athlete who shrugs off fractures and mild concussions as the cost of performing flat-out, maybe Mac Kay sees all that as the price he paid for being an impact player on the Conservative roster.

“Keeping the progressive element of this party is going to be very, very important,” he declared going into the new party’s key 2005 policy convention in Montreal.

More than maintaining some progressive policy element, though, Mac Kay remained an example of how the time-honoured strategy of cultivating a regional base—as the foundation of personal power—could be done even under Harper’s centralized control.

He had badly dislocated his shoulder playing rugby. Broke a pledge not to merge his old Progressive Conservatives with the Canadian Alliance.

Asked about it at the time, he rhymed off past sports injuries with evident satisfaction. Presided over a military procurement customarily derided as an epic fiasco.