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Since 2008, Ghost Hunters International has traveled the globe, its team members using their knowledge of the paranormal and technical know-how to try to substantiate -- or debunk -- claims of ghostly sightings.

So we got to see how that was done and how well those drums are meant to be played as opposed to how we played them,” chuckles Fitz Gerald.Whether it is his rugged good looks, his aphrodisiacal Irish accent, his gentle demeanor, the fact he is a real life hero, the way he quietly commands a scene, his refreshing humbleness, or his lone wolf quality; Barry Fitzgerald has risen to the top of the Ghost Hunter's pack as a respected leader of paranormal science and as an international sex symbol.In a recent interview with this celebrity, I had the honor and privilege of getting a peak into the many layers of this multifaceted man.“There were some time constraints with this episode so we weren’t able to fit everything in, but we really battled the elements on that island.On the way across we lost motor blades on the boats and when we finally arrived on the island a storm kicked up, so we battled that as we tried to get our equipment onto the pier.It was really tough to get that episode done and by the time it was all over we were exhausted, but we absolutely enjoyed it through and through.