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Otherwise, steer clear my friend.)) TIP…do this instead: if you absolutely feel that you must approach a woman out on a GNO who is not sending you any signals and has definitely NOT given you a green light then do something to stand out from the crowd like send a round of drinks or playfully named shots to the entire group first, telling the waiter to point you out to the special woman you want to connect to (“this is from the gentleman at the bar for you and your friends”).

That will make her feel special and include the group in a way that ensures that you are pleasantly interrupting them.

But amongst my girlfriends there was a unanimous vote that no guy with an arrogant or cocky attitude would have a chance with them. I am also the woman who purposely avoids dating and shoots down every advance from a man at bars, haha.

Don’t brag about yourself, don’t try to be cool, and beyond that don’t appear too confident that you have a chance to walk away with her number.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that some of you gentlemen absolutely have James Bond style and sex appeal and know how to attract our attention with just a look and a smile.

But if that’s not you, if your success rate is less than stellar, if you aren’t a super model, if you hear “no thanks” much more than you see a bright smile light up a woman’s face…then please read on. Although the better looking you are the better your chances are – not fair, I know, but it’s the truth and that’s life.

Compliment her shoes or some accessory instead because that will show her you were paying attention to more than just her boobs! Don’t go where you’re not wanted or pop up out of the blue in her face: Make sure you aren’t going to scare the hell out of her before you start talking.

You might think that it takes gifts for women to notice you (like this list on That Sweet Gift.com) but that will only work on some women! So if you aren’t a hottie and don’t have amazing social skills and style, the task of meeting a woman is going to be an uphill climb my friends.

Then, if you add on top of that the fact that every woman is different, so you can’t use a standard ‘move’ to attract all women, things are even more complicated.

It’s a costly option but it’s the only way we could think of to make it okay for you to interfere with GNO when you weren’t invited.

Don’t be boring and obvious with your pick-up lines: Never use “So where are you from?