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Avoid dating a narcissist

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Whenever we feel like we might be about to break our rule of no contact rule we must remind ourselves of the following.Narcissists spend their time running away from the truth about themselves, which is that they are worthless, horrible people.

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Narcissists treat life like a competition where their aim is to “beat” others. You must treat him as if you are breaking a toxic drug habit.Narcissists avoid people who force them to see the truth.This is the antithesis of narcissistic supply and is to be greatly feared.REMEMBER: The narcissist is fully aware of this and that is why “pity” is such a powerful weapon for him to use against us as it so often delivers the result he wants.But ladies you must stand firm, because once he realises that he cannot manipulate you anymore he is likely to give up and leave you alone.To a normal person with compassion (like us) it feels so unnatural and cruel to ignore someone who appears to be in pain, especially if it is indicated that their pain is as a result of our behaviour.