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NET Core works, how does it compare against the previous versions of the framework and how you can customize it with your custom binders.In the previous version of MVC, the model binding process was based on model binders and value providers.Bear in mind that providers are evaluated in order, the first one returning a non-null binder wins: options. Add(new Binder Type Model Binder Provider()); options. Add(new Services Model Binder Provider()); options. For example, let’s consider the following simple j Query code that grabs all fields and posts the data: You will notice that our model binder is not executed, in fact the model received by the controller action will be null!The following section will shed some light on this scenario.This means there are scenarios that will take you by surprise if you were accustomed to the previous MVC framework. Submitting a JSON within the request body is particularly different now when compared to the previous MVC framework and requires you to understand these changes.In this article, I will describe how Model Binding in ASP.It is possible to provide a class or other information through Additional View Data - I use this where I'm allowing a user to create a form based on database fields (property Name, editor Type, and editor Class).

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We will also specify that it should only be used when reading JSON: However, as we saw, when we created the custom model binder, you might prefer a single converter that we can register for all Date Time properties.

When posting a JSON and specifying the Content-Type as , the value providers will have no data available at all, as they only look at the Query string, route and form values!

In this case, we need to explicitly tell MVC that we want to bind our model from the request body where the posted JSON will be found. As the entire model will be deserialized, our custom Date Time binder will not be used!

Net Core, especially if you compare it against the binding process used in the previous versions of ASP. Now you need to be aware of the different binding sources, which ones of those are available by default (like the query string or form data binding sources) and which ones must be explicitly activated (like the body or header binding sources).

When customizing the model binding process, being aware of the different model binders and which binding sources these are used with, will be critical.