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The journey to the place where I am now would have been a lot easier if I had a knowledgeable and motivational coach by my side. I want to provide a safe environment for my clients to consider change, and help shape the path for reaching their goals.
Circumstances were not the same as before, however, and he failed to intimidate them.

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The interfaith Jewish-Arab couples Shipler interviewed in the mid-1980s were generally quite happy, living normal, prosperous lives, but they would not allow him to use their real names in his book.In some cases they had been abandoned by one or both sets of in-laws; lost friends; been subjected to physical violence; received verbal abuse and threats; experienced career problems; and they sometimes kept their affairs and intermarriages secret from family, friends, and coworkers for long periods of time.Over the years, the couple has had to overcome hurdles thrown at them by the Israeli state and their respective communities.Amer is an Arab Israeli, a Palestinian born in Israel and holds the Zionist state citizenship.La Guardia interrupts his survey of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for short digressions on interfaith family issues in Israel.Jews are legally forbidden to intermarry in Israel, unless one spouse converts to the other partner's religion.Their unions although very hard to find is a source of anxiety for Israelis who believe that intermarriage could mean the extinction of the Jewish state.

Shipler devoted an entire chapter to interviews with Jewish Israeli-Muslim Arab couples ("The Sin of Love"), and there are scattered references to Jewish Israeli-Christian Arab couples elsewhere in his book.

β€œThe Kids have two colors, and you cannot deny one color and think that everything will be alright.

If you want to make things easier is to allow them to know the truth of who they are,” said Amer.

Many of the people involved in these relationships feel like their rights are violated by the state.

Muslims are also not thrilled with the prospects of a Jew marrying a Muslim Arab.