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Ancient greek dating

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Many of the colonies in the West minted their own silver coins with distinctive designs and emblems.As a predominant naval force in the latter part of the sixth and fifth centuries , Athens exerted its influence over sea trade.Athenian pottery was widely exported, especially to Etruria and to the colonies in southern Italy, where it inspired local imitations.In the Hellenistic period, Syracuse dominated much of Sicily, and local artistic styles flourished.Regional schools of artists exhibited a rich variety of styles and preferences at this time.The major Ionian cities along the coast of Asia Minor prospered (21.169.1).A feast may be held at the bride’s father’s house, after which the groom would take his bride back to his parents’ house. For the wife to be fully accepted into the groom’s family, a child had to be conceived from their union. The man would have to pay back, in cash, the remaining dowry money to his wife’s parents.

Here, Greek goods, such as pottery (2009.529), bronze, silver and gold vessels, olive oil, wine, and textiles, were exchanged for luxury items and exotic raw materials that were in turn worked by Greek craftsmen.Marriages in ancient Greece were arranged by the parents of the intended bride and groom.A financial arrangement was made between the families in the form of a dowry.Girls married between the ages of fourteen to eighteen, while typically men married in their twenties or even thirties.Spartan men continued to live in the barracks, even after the wedding, until they reached the age of thirty when they could move home with their wives. Instead, a set of rituals was followed, after which the couple would live together. The groom then would go to the bride’s house in a chariot or a cart.Greece is a country surrounded by water and the sea has always played an important role in its history.