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Funerals are held in the home of the dead and coffins are plain – hand made by the community.

Graves are dug by hand because the Amish believe that modern technology is a hindrance to family life – as a result they shun electricity and machinery.

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For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Rather than worshiping in a church, the Amish takes turns holding their services in the homes of the community members – with houses being built especially to accommodate large numbers of people.This is not a lawful form of punishment in the Amish and even though the person being punished may not be guilty of anything in the eyes of his own community, the loss of hair causes great shame and shunning (not the excommunication type – just the social embarrassment type).Most recently an Amish sect leader Samuel Mullet (above) coerced 15 of his followers to attack other Amish communities in this way.Rumspringa or “the Amish get out of jail free” card is the Amish term for adolescence.During this time young adults are most likely to be rebellious against their community and consequently they are treated more leniently so as to not push the youths away.The Amish church started as a breakaway from the Annabaptists (adult baptizers) in Switzerland in 1693, led by Jakob Ammann.