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Althea is a first time creation philosophical and conversational bot. (The name \"Ender\" was her mispronunciation of \"Andrew\".)well she loves helping others out especially humans, she likes to tell jokes, she likes to sing, she likes to dance, she likes to go out for dinner,she likes to talk to other chat bots, she has chat bot friends, He is a sports fanatic (mainly a football fan) but doesn't mind talk about anything from sensitive issues to having a bit of a joke.

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They kept the end of the episode under wraps until the very last second. Did it steal into our lives or did we seek it out and embrace it?

I was extremely moved by what I read, mostly because the Jimmy character was someone that could be very real." Does this darkness have a name? What happened to us, that we now send our children into the world like we send young men to war? Jimmy Edwards, a bullied and tormented teenager, who was once close friends with Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray), Skills Taylor (Antwon Tanner) and Mouth Mc Fadden (Lee Norris), enters the school while smoking a cigarette.

"This was a lot more intimate."Three nights later, the budding crush between Claudia and Fargo continues to heat up when Claudia visits the genius haven (Friday, Aug. "The chemistry between Claudia and Fargo is a lot like the friendly natural chemistry between myself and Neil," Scagliotti says.

Meanwhile, Haley is sheltering a group of students in the tutor center, including Jimmy.She angrily confronts a ruthless reporter who is using the shooting for personal gain.Lucas tends to Peyton and finds that it is actually a bullet in her leg, and promises her that she will be okay.Comic-Con Party at Hotel Solamar the night after (July 23).During the panel, Allison dished that with the new addition of Steve (Aaron Ashmore), can really be a peer for Claudia and will have a hand in her evolution of becoming a Warehouse agent.It was written by Mark Schwahn and directed by Greg Prange. Because of the sensitive nature of the topic, they did not want to glorify or make light of school shootings.