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The "democratic" model which the West's covert agitators were trying to impose on Venezuela by fomenting political unrest was not democracy at all.It was a form of media-supported corporate oligarchy which enriches a controlled leadership clique, loots the nation for the benefit of international corporations, and leaves the general population impoverished in debt-driven wage slavery.With regard to Venezuela, Moscow and Caracas had been keeping in close contact for months.

The European Commission & the governments of the EU states agreed and sided with the Spanish government.Writing on the website, Thomas Seibert commented: The attitude of the European Commission and its governments follows the calculation that politics must be reduced to the unconditional securing of one’s own power.Madrid, Brussels, Paris and Berlin also agree among themselves that they will base this calculation primarily on the use of a paramilitarily-reinforced police force.The only way to deal with this is by actively working to resolve this issue and sincerely believing that our homeland will be able to take command.I believe this visit is taking place at a very good time because Venezuela is in for an upswing: we are coping with our problems and starting to make forward progress.And now is the time when we can coordinate our plans for cooperation in the energy industry, agriculture and trade.