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However, ties remain strong between home communities and those people in regional cities and towns.

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I was quite disturbed, disgusted and appalled by the ads located there.

Not only are these people posting for meetings at the 15th Ave bookstore, also the one on Mannheim and Armitage.

Here are some real copy and paste ads.15th ave Theater - w4mm (melrose park)----------Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads? Looked like a bunch of puppie titties, fitting for a nasty little bitch with droopy titties,,,,,,,,,, Please don't get naked if you don't have a decent body?????

bottom will be at 15th ave bookstore,430 today - m4m - 35 (melrose park )----------Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads?

Take a look and see BTW,(I also put in Oak Brook and searched there, seems these sickos are everywhere and meet even at the classiest hotels.) JUST ME -- you'll soon be accused of being me big time. I've been pointing out what goes on at these places for several months. It would be nice if the cops would make a bust or two at these bookstores. Yet other bookstores throughout illinois have been busted for a lot less then what goes on at these bookstores in Melrose. I can assure you that I am my own individual, a 41yr old female resident from Melrose.

I'm supposed to have a zillion number of identities. Most of all i'm glad you pointed out about the UNPROTECTED SEX BETWEEN TOTAL STRANGERS. I wonder how long it'll be before they say you are me. Reading the Topix on this town is for me to see what is going around here, to voice my opinion and my knowledge of what I know, hear and see.

private booths, small theater where couples are all going at it out in the open.can be watched, participate, all up to you....

if you like showing off or simply watching others call me..

but if this is such an issue, then the illegal evidence needs to be found, and sent to the proper authorities. Just as i know all the other people they claim i am are not me.Nor can you guys get it right as to where i've been or who i am.As funny as it is i hope you never screw up some innocent person thinking its me.Ok Ive seen alot of posts about doubt concerning what goes on at the 15th ABS. In the play room there was a big fat bitch on a table naked, she Said '' all these men and no body will fuck me''?Go on cragslist and on the left search box select personals and tyor in melrose Park, youll be astounded!!! DUUUUUH You looked like a dog, with all those rolls of fat ......So with that, let me know if there will be a petition going around. Like i said they love to make wild assumptions and they are always wrong.