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"Shouldn't a greatest hits collection after two records be called ' Greatest Hit'? "I guess I've just always been too busy making records.

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Programming, was founded in the early 1970’s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

Someone whose primary modality is sight will use visual words to describe a situation.It’s relatively simple to create anchors that get you into a specified state.The method is as follows: Each time you’re in a positive state, like when you’re feeling confident, powerful, or happy, you’ll take two fingers and put pressure on your wrist.If you’ve been in the community for long, then you’ve probably heard a number of them mentioned.Some examples are “The Natural Woman Pattern” or “The October Man Pattern.” These patterns are easy to find and read, however, they are not very useful without an understanding of the principles at work behind the scenes.The theory is that after this state has been anchored, you’ll be able to touch your wrist and trigger that positive state.