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For instance: when we see what we take to be magic, could we be looking at a sign of advanced technology? It's logically valid, of course, but so hypothetical. Noted author Paul Von Ward, writing in ) shows how man's early contact with what he calls Advanced Beings, gave rise to magical interpretations and magical religions, leading directly down the line to today's supernatural religions and belief in God. People today who practice religion and believe in God - including members of the very SETI community just mentioned - have accepted for their personal and public truth the degraded remnants of the effects of early encounters with "Advanced Beings", however abhorrent they may find this assertion to be. It has remained important and an important influence on human society down the ages into the present. The remainder of War in Heaven (Wi H) consists of a dialog between Griffith and a "disembodied spirit" who claimed to be a member of a group calling itself The Invisible College. Griffith states that the answers were received by and read back to the contacted entity for review and correction.
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